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Seminar Room -1.61

Photograph of -1.61  Photograph of Seminar Room -1.61 in the Glamorgan Building


Accessible for wheelchair users symbol


 This room is wheelchair accessible




Access Route

From the accessible side entrance: take the corridor on the right and      -1.61 is straight ahead at the end of the corridor.



Facilities and Room Information

-1.61 is a loose seated seminar room with tables and chairs.

Clear height under the tables is 675mm above the floor.

This room can accommodate up to 6 wheelchair spaces.

The light switches are located by the door, 1300mm above the floor.

The door has a lever handle, which is 1100mm above the floor.



Emergency Evacuation

All fire routes and exits are clearly sign posted using the green running man signs.  Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the exits and exit routes.

Level Egress: Exit straight out of -1.61 and left through the accessible entrance door.

Egress via stairs: There is an emergency exit door in the corridor, which has a step leading to the outside.

If you think you might require assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation, you must arrange a Personalised Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) as soon as possible.  Students must contact their School Disability Contact to arrange a PEEP.  Staff will need to contact their School / Division Disability Contact or their manager to arrange a PEEP. Please remember that it is your responsibility to inform the relevant person that you require a PEEP to be set up.

In an emergency evacuation the lifts must not be used.

Click here for further information and to make a booking request for Seminar Room -1.61

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