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Seminar Room C43, Aberconway Building

Photograph of Seminar Room C43 in the Aberconway Building  Photograph of Seminar Room C43 in the Aberconway Building


Accessible and Induction Loop Symbols


 This room is wheelchair accessible



Accessible Route

From the main and side entrances take the lift to the second floor (the lifts are through a door opposite the main entrance).  Follow the corridor to the left. Continue following the corridor straight ahead; C43 is past the stairs ahead on the right.


Facilities and Room Information

C43 is a loose seated seminar room with tables and chairs.

This room can accommodate up to 6 wheelchair spaces.

There is 680mm height from the floor to the underside of the tables.

The chairs do not have arm rests.

There is 940mm between the wall and the desks.

The room is fitted with an induction loop.  Please use the 'T' switch on your hearing device to utilise the loop.

The microphone linked to the induction loop is fixed on the lectern.  Please ensure you speak clearly toward the microphone.

The lectern and computer surface height is 800mm above the floor, the back of the lectern rising to 1m.

There is 740mm space behind the lectern.  

The white board is adjustable.

The card swipe attendance register is positioned 1100mm above the floor.  


Emergency Evacuation

All fire routes and exits are clearly sign posted using the green running man signs.  Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the exits and exit routes.

Egress via stairs: Exit C43 straight ahead and to the left, then right down the stairs to the exit.

Level Egress:  Exit C43 straight ahead and to the left, then right into the stair well. On each stairwell level, there is a refuge point which is sign posted.  When you reach the refuge point, you must use the phone which will connect to security when the handset is lifted.  Inform security of your location and that you require assistance.  Security will communicate information to you in relation to what is happening and reassure you.  You should remain in the refuge area until advised otherwise or someone comes to your assistance.  Refuge points are located such as to provide a safe area for at least 30 minutes in the event of a real fire.


Photograph of the refuge points in the Aberconway Building


If you think you might require assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation, you must arrange a Personalised Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) as soon as possible.  Students must contact their School Disability Contact to arrange a PEEP.  Staff will need to contact their School / Division Disability Contact or manager to arrange a PEEP.  Please remember that it is your responsibility to inform the relevant person that you require a PEEP to be set up.