Our research orients towards moral and political philosophy, philosophy of mind and psychology, and the intersections between these areas.

The research environment here is characterised by the combination of expertise across both analytic and continental approaches to philosophy.

Our research in moral and political philosophy encompasses normative ethics, metaethics, moral psychology, normativity, and rationality, engaging with both analytic and continental traditions (including Nietzsche, existentialism, and the Frankfurt School). We currently have an AHRC-funded project on ‘Rethinking Existentialism’

Work in applied ethics has included research into biobanking and nutrigenomics. Current activity is focussed on the ethics of sport and of health provision. Our Centre for Applied Ethics facilities academic research in these areas and promotes the impact of that research both within and beyond academia.

The Centre runs Think About Health, a network of academics, clinicians, and managers discussing the culture and values appropriate to health care organisations, and Health Care Analysis, an academic journal concerned with all aspects of health and health care, including education and public policy, institutional organisation and decision-making, and professional practice.

Research within philosophy of mind and philosophy of psychology includes the nature of perception, and critical analysis of the conceptual framework underpinning the science of consciousness.

We are committed to developing socially beneficial impact from our work. In addition to previous work influencing the ethical construction of DNA databases, we have brought original material to support the teaching of A-Level Philosophy. In REF 2014 we were fourth in the UK for our research impact

Research Centre and Networks

Staff in this theme

StaffResearch interests'Research bites'
Dr Andrew EdgarFrankfurt School, continental aesthetics, political philosophy, philosophy of medicine, philosophy of sport"The organisation of the NHS must be understood as a response to moral concerns, not economics ones."
Dr Richard GrayPhilosophy of perception, philosophy of mind"Our perceptual experience may not always be what we think it is."
Dr Elizabeth IrvinePhilosophy of psychology and neuroscience, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, philosophy of biology"Understanding scientific claims requires an understanding of the scientific method."
Professor Christopher NorrisPhilosophy of literature, philosophy of music, deconstruction, poetics, aesthetics, philosophy of science, epistemology"Despite its famous 'linguistic turn', modern philosophy has scarcely registered the subtlety, complexity and expressive range of language."
Dr Simon RobertsonMetaethics, moral psychology, practical reason, normative ethics, value theory, Nietzsche, normativity, risk"Sometimes you ought to take risks - because it's risky"
Dr Peter SedgwickNietzsche, European philosophy, philosophy of language, political philosophy"To be is to be acknowledged."
Dr Nicholas ShackelRationality, metaethics, ethics of belief, paradox"Objective Bayesians claim the principle of maximum entropy gives unique rational probabilities but it entails contradictory probabilities."
Professor Alessandra TanesiniEpistemology, feminism, philosophy of perception, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein"Knowledge is often shaped by values; the illusion of value-neutrality actively sustains pernicious ignorance."
Dr Jonathan WebberMoral psychology, existentialism, normative ethics, applied ethics"Current public debate over responding to climate change is premised on a false picture of human motivation."
Dr Huw WilliamsPolitical philosophy, international political theory, the history of ideas in Wales, John Rawls"Theories of Global Justice mask ideological narratives of development."