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School seminars

We hold regular seminars in the School to discuss a wide range of exciting and thought-provoking research topics. Speakers include both members of staff and invited guests.

DateEventGuest speakerTopic
11 December 2018HVM Research SeminarProfessor Wenjun Xu
School of Information Engineering
Wuhan University of Technology
Human-robot collaboration in disassembly for remanufacturing
7 December 2018HVM Research SeminarProfessor Dermot Brabazon
School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Dublin City University
An overview advanced materials processing research activities
14 November 2018Biomedical Engineering SeminarProfessor Fan Yuan
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
Development of electrotransfection as a non-viral method for gene transfer
7 November 2018Biomedical Engineering SeminarProfessor Nele Famaey
Soft Tissue Biomechanics Group, KU Leuven, Belgium 
Soft tissue biomechanics: in vitro, in vivo and in silico trials for trauma prevention and repair
22 October 2018Centre for High Frequency Engineering Research SeminarDr Cris Palego
Bangor University
Tiny chips: from bee wearable electronics to cancer stem cells seek and destroy
11 October 2018HVM Research SeminarDr Steffen G. Scholz
Head of the PIA Group at the Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics (IAI) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) 
Functional 3D printing in the domain of Industry 4.0: recent advances and perceptive insights