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President's Scholarships 2012

Engineering Infrastructure: 
Challenges for 2020 

Full details can be downloaded by clicking on the project titles below:

New Hydrogen Storage Materials - Investigations Through Structural and Electrical Characterisation
Prof. A Porch, Prof. DA Barrow 
Ref: PS1-AP-2012, Closed 

Advanced Gear Tooth Contact Modelling
Prof. HP Evans, Prof. RW Snidle
Ref: PS2-HPE-2012, Closing date: July 6th 2012 

Development of  Robust Broadband Power Amplifiers based on High Voltage HBTs
Prof. PJ Tasker, Prof. S Cripps
Ref: PS6-SC-2012, Closed

Development of a Broadband and Efficient Linear Transmitter
Prof. PJ Tasker, Dr J Lees
Ref: PS4-PJT-2012, Closed

Novel Coating Technologies for Electrical Steels
Dr P Anderson, Dr J Hall, Prof.S Evans
Ref: PS3-PA-2012, Closing Date: 10th June 2012

Blind Linearisation of SuperHET Receivers
Prof. RA Belcher, Prof. A Porch, Dr J Naylon
Ref: PS5-RAB-2012, Closing Date: 10th June 2012