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President's Scholarships: 2010 Projects

Engineering Infrastructure: 
Challenges for 2020 

Full details can be downloaded by clicking on the project titles below:

Carbon nanotube reinforced soft magnetic alloy composites
Dr J Hall, Dr S L Evans, Prof A J Moses with Cogent Power 

Characterisation studies of particulate matter from gas turbine and internal combustion engines 
Prof P J Bowen, Dr R Marsh with Rolls Royce and Ricardo

Control of a 1 MW variable speed wind turbine
Prof N Jenkins, Dr J Liang with Nordic Wind Power

Demand management through smart meters 
Dr J Ekanayake, Dr J Wu with Toshiba Research Europe Ltd 
Project Ref: PS4-2010-JE.  

Home centred healthcare management in an assisted living context
Prof Y Rezgui, Dr C Hopfe with BRE 

Low carbon composites for the construction industry
Dr A D Jefferson, Dr D Gardner, Prof R J Lark with Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd 

Structural and geoenvironmental applications of waste quarry dust
Prof R J Lark, Dr D Gardner, Dr D Sapsford with Kayasand Ltd

Study of electrical discharge phenomena in carbon fibre composite materials and components for aerospace applications
Prod A Haddad, Dr  H Griffiths, Dr N Harid with EADS
Project Ref: PS8-2010-AH.   

The impact of planting floodplain and riparian woodland, including energy plantations in middle to upper catchment reaches on downstream flood management
Prof R A Falconer, Dr C A M E Wilson with Forest Research 


Please note that there are no scholarships available for 2010/11 academic year.  The next set of scholarships will be available in the 2011/12 academic year.  

Applications can be made online.  Please ensure you quote the reference number for the project you wish to apply for in the prospective supervisor section of  the form.  (In the "research proposal" section you may state "as per advertisement".)