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Course Aims

This is a structured distance learning package for clinical technologists who wish to develop their expertise at postgraduate level but who do not wish to disturb their career by taking time out. It is run jointly by Cardiff University and the University of Wales College of Medicine.

The aim of the course is to provide clinical technologists with the engineering grounding and the specialised skills required to succeed in their profession. The course introduces the basic features of engineering principles and practice combined with the relevant anatomy and physiology theory to provide the student with a thorough background in the theory and practice of clinical engineering.

Particular emphasis is given to prosthetics, posture and mobility devices, and communications. The course aims to equip its students with a greater understanding of the factors affecting the design of medical devices and an appreciation of the state of the art and possible future trends and developments. Specifically, after successful completion of the course, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • critically appraise the design of medical devices
  • understand the properties of materials and appreciate their impact on design.
  • appreciate the factors affecting manufacture and production of rehabilitation aids.
  • appreciate the electrical and electronic components and systems of medical devices.
  • understand hardware and software that can be used in communication aids.
  • understand the legal and regulatory factors affecting their profession.
  • be able to apply engineering principles to clinical engineering.