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Scheme Structure

The structure of the programme is based on 12 Masters level modules taught over two semesters (7 months), followed by a 5 month industrially related research project in the field of electrical energy systems. Those students pursuing the MSc qualification will complete the 5 month research project and provide a dissertation. Those students wishing to obtain a Diploma qualification will complete the course after two semesters.

The module topics covered on the course include:

Power Systems Analysis

High Voltage Technology

Power Systems Control and Protection

Distributed Generation, System Design and Regulation

Alternative Energy Systems

Power Quality, Condition Monitoring and Metering

Smartgrids and Active Network Devices

Management in Industry

Special Feature: The programme integrates teaching in Power Systems, High Voltage Plant Technology and the enabling technologies which provides essential preparation for a career in future electricity networks.

Project and Dissertation

An example of a typical project might be:

Feasibility Study of Thermoelectric DC Power Supply for Grid Transformer Monitoring System

The DC power supply for the transducers and associated electronic system circuits that are used for the on-line condition monitoring of Grid Transformers needs to be reliable and continuous working conditions has been an item requesting frequent maintenance. Existing practice is to replace the batteries on a regular basis involving high staff costs. This problem may be resolved by employing a thermoelectric generator which converts the waste heat of the transformer into electricity. A thermoelectric device is inherently reliable and maintenance free. The objective of the initial mini-project is to investigate the feasibility of the proposed concept and suitability of a thermoelectric device operating in a high EM electric and magnetic field environment. It is expected that success in the mini project will lead to the main project which will involve design, modelling and construction of a laboratory demonstrator of this proposed concept. The work will involve work on thermoelectric devices as well as characterisation using high voltage sources.