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Undergraduate Visits

We would advise that, where possible, you have a look at your preferred universities and especially the department to which you are applying before you fill in your UCAS form. You need to know that the environment will suit you and that the facilities and teaching will enable you to reach your full potential. All students who are offered a place in Engineering at Cardiff will be invited to visit the School to see our facilities at first hand and to discuss their future choices with staff. The university also organises two Open Days each year, usually in April and September, and prospective students and their parents are welcome to visit the School on these two days.

You need to make an assessment of the quality of the university to which you are applying. We have provided information within these web pages which should help but check out your other choices via their web site.

If you would like any further information about the University, the School of Engineering, a particular degree scheme or any other issue, we are more than happy to help. It is important to make the right choice, so if you have any questions, why not contact us.