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Health & Safety Committee

The following staff have been appointed to deal with safety matters and from whom guidance may be sought:

Director of School: Prof H Thomas

Support Services Manager: Mr P Hourahine

Nominees of Deputy Head of School Teaching for EEE*, ACE*, MMM*:

Prof T Roberts, Prof A Griffiths, Dr T Meydan

Nominees of Deputy Head of School Research for each research institute:

Prof R Falconer, Dr R Grosvenor, Prof L Nokes, Mr A Ivanov,

Dr S Rees, Prof P Tasker, Prof J Watton

Field Trips and Offsite Placements Officer: Dr S Rees

School Radiation Officer: Dr S Evans

School Disability Officer*: Dr K Holford

School Laser Officer: Dr T O'Doherty

School Biological Officer: Prof L Nokes

School Chemical Officer: Dr K Williams

Clean Room Manager: Dr D Westwood (School of Physics)

Trade Union Representatives: Mr R Leach

PG Student Representative*

UG Student Representative*

Non Teaching Staff Technical

EEE: Mr P Farrugia

ACE: Mr D Sanford

MMM: Mr A Griffiths

Representative of Sec/Cler/Admin Staff:

Mrs S Chapman, Miss L James, Mrs S Stockman

Ex Officio

E.A.Workshop: Mr D Glinn*

Director of OSHEU: Mr B Mallows

Health Centre Manager: Mr J Cole

Head of Security: Mr A Oliver

Minutes Secretary: Mrs B Jones

Deputy Director of OSHEU: Mr J Frayling

* These people may from a sub-committee when teaching specific issues are decided.