WALTER BAGEHOT: from ‘Charles Dickens’ (1858)
JAMES BOSWELL: from his Life of Samuel Johnson LL.D. (1791)
JAMES BOSWELL: entry in his London Journal (1762)

THOMAS CARLYLE: from letters to Alexander Carlyle (1824)

CHARLES DICKENS: from American Notes (1842)

JOHN EVELYN: from Fumifugium (1661)

FRANCIS GALTON: from Inquiries into Human Faculty (1883)
ERIK GUSTAF GEIJER: entry from his Recollections (1809)
JAMES GLAISHER: entry in his Travels in the Air (1863)
WILLIAM GRACE: from The Picture of London, for 1813 (1813)

NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE: journal entry from his Passages from the English Notebooks (1857)
BENJAMIN ROBERT HAYDON: journal entry from his Autobiography and Journal (1806)
ALEXANDER HERZEN: entry from his Memoirs (1852)
LEIGH HUNT: The Town: Its Memorable Characters and Events (1848) <full text>

WASHINGTON IRVING: ‘Little Britain’ (1819–20)
WASHINGTON IRVING: ‘London Antiques’ (1819–20)
WASHINGTON IRVING: ‘A Sunday in London’ (1819–20)

RICHARD JEFFERIES: from The Story of my Heart (1883)
RICHARD JEFFERIES: from After London (1885)

CHARLES LAMB: from a letter to William Wordsworth (1801)
EDWARD LEAR: from a letter to Lady Waldegrave (1862)

MACAULAY, WALPOLE, BARBAULD: Visions of a future London
KARL MARX & FREDERICK ENGELS: from The Manifesto of the Communist Party (1848)
DAVID MASSON: from British Novelists and their Styles (1859)
HENRY MAYHEW & JOHN BINNY: from The Criminal Prisons of London (1862)
JOHN MILTON: from Areopagitica (1644)

SIR RICHARD PHILLIPS: ‘The Road to Putney’ (1817)

JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU: from his Confessions (1781–88)
RICHARD RUSH: from A Residence at the Court of London (1833)
JOHN RUSKIN: from ‘Fiction, Fair and Foul’ (1880–81)
SEVENTH EARL OF SHAFTESBURY: entry in his journal (1883)

ANTHONY TROLLOPE: from South Africa (1878)
JOHN TYNDALL: from ‘Atoms, Molecules and Ether Waves’ (1882)

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