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Research Areas

Philosophy of mind, language and science

Richard Gray, Christopher Norris, Nicholas Shackel, Alessandra Tanesini and Jonathan Webber all work on topics in the philosophy of mind, language and science. Richard Gray has published several papers on the philosophy of perception and the senses. Christopher Norris has written numerous books in epistemology, on the philosophy of language, the philosophy of science and the philosophy of quantum mechanics. Nicholas Shackel has published articles on philosophy of probability, on the relation of information and knowledge, on methodology and truth. Alessandra Tanesini has published articles and books in epistemology with a special emphasis on the role of emotions in rationality and on feminist epistemology; she has also written articles in the philosophy of language with a special focus on temporal externalism and on truth. Jonathan Webber is working on on the ideas of agency, character, and selfhood, building on his existing publications in this area.

Members of the Philosophy Research group have set up in 2005/2006 in collaboration with the University of Hull an international research network in the philosophy of mind, with a distinctive focus on accounts of the mind as embedded, embodied, enactive, and extended.

Ethics and social philosophy

Robin Attfield, Ruth Chadwick, Andrew Edgar, Peter Sedgwick, Nicholas Shackel and Jonathan Webberhave written extensively on theoretical underpinnings and applications of ethics, meta-ethics, social and political philosophy, environmental philosophy, philosophy of medicine, and medical humanities. Robin Attfield has written several books and articles on environmental philosophy, on ethics and value theory. Ruth Chadwick has published widely in ethics and applied ethics. Her most recent work has addressed the ethical questions raised by scientific developments in the areas of genetics and genomics. Andrew Edgar works in the philosophy of medicine, exploring approaches grounded in hermeneutics, narrative theory and discourse ethics. Peter Sedgwick has written on Nietzsche and ethics, specifically in relation to the topics of subjectivity and the social realm, economy and exchange, and will to power. Nicholas Shackel has written on the nature of rationality and its relation to morality, and has also been writing on the ethics of belief in theory and practice. Jonathan Webber has published a book on the moral psychology and metaethics in Sartre's existentialist philosophy, a topic he continues to work on. He is also writing papers tht apply the insights of moral psychology directly to applied ethical issues.

Clusters of individual activity

Robin Attfield has published books and articles on the philosophy of religion and on the history of philosophy. Andrew Edgar has published books on Habermas and on cultural theory, as well as numerous articles on the Frankfurt School and on aesthetics. Christopher Norris has published extensively on Twentieth Century French Philosophy and in particular on deconstruction. He has also written numerous books and articles on philosophy and literary theory, and he is currently working on topics in the philosophy of music. Peter Sedgwick is the author of numerous articles and of the first monograph on Nietzsche and economy. He has also written on the history of Modern European Philosophy and on critical theory. Nicholas Shackel has published articles on paradoxes in rationality, logic and metaphysics. Alessandra Tanesini has written on several topics in feminism and on Wittgenstein.