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Staff Members

Michelle Aldridge
Research interests include the communication needs and experiences of disabled children and adults in criminal justice settings.

Michael Arribas-Ayllon
Michael Arribas-Ayllon is Research Associate on the ESRC funded Cesagen programme dealing with genetics, health and identity.

Srikant Sarangi
Srikant Sarangi is Director of HCRC. His research interests are in professional discourse in health and social care settings (e.g. genetics, HIV/AIDS, oncology, general practice, telemedicine). He is editor of Communication & Medicine and TEXT.

Alison Wray
Research interests include the way that conversation - and translation -aids for the disabled are designed to maximise speed, fluency and accuracy.

Virpi Ylanne
Research interest is in the negotiation of roles and advice in community pharmacy interactions.

Current Doctoral Students

Ben Saunders
Ben Saunders is a doctoral student. His research is in the area of young adults’ experiences of chronic illness in relation to lifestyle management issues.

Anne Storey
Anne Storey is a doctoral student. Her research is examining the relationship between problem-based learning (PBL) and reflective practice in medical curricula from a discourse-analytic perspective.

Samina syed Afzal
Samina syed Afzal is a doctoral student. Her research focuses on the communicative practices of foetal wellbeing assessments in sonographer and pregnant woman encounters.

Past Doctoral Researchers

Lucy Brookes-Howell
An investigation into talk and text about the process of diagnosis and non-diagnosis in genetic counselling.

Noor Aireen Ibrahim
Constructing Blame and Responsibility: A Rhetorical Discourse Analysis of Childhood Obesity Reports in the British Press.

Annmarie Nelson
Palliative care as progressive journey: The interplay of self, hope and death in nurse-patient encounters across three care settings.

Bernard Nolan
Modelling Schizophrenic communication disorder: a social interactional approach.

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