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Research in Centre for Language and Communication Research (CLCR)


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We apply sociolinguistic, discourse and narrative theory to examine the achievement of personal and social goals through language, with particular attention to the news media, and legal and healthcare settings. The group is home to Cardiff Language and Law (CaLL) , and an interactive site for professionals and lay people about legal terms (FuzzyLaw).

We would welcome PhD applications in the following areas:

Forensic linguistics and language and law

Professional and workplace discourse

Language of leadership

Government-civil society discourse


For details on how to apply for our Postgraduate research programmes, please click here.

Some recent publications from the PPD group

Language and Law:

Aldridge: Linguistic disadvantage in legal contexts
Constructing vulnerability: The experience of children and other groups within legal discourse
Heffer & Rock: Legal-lay communication: textual travels in the law

Professional & Public Discourse:

Bartlett: Hybrid voices and collaborative change: Contextualising positive discourse analysis
Heffer: Projecting voice: towards an agentive understanding of a critical capacity.

Language of Leadership & Teams:

Wilson: Interaction without walls: Analysing leadership discourse through dramaturgy and participation.
The discourse of deputies: Communicating co-leadership in a rugby club.