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Research in Centre for Language and Communication Research (CLCR)


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We work at the interfaces of cognitive processing, social interaction, intonation, lexis and grammar, with interests in language learning and language loss. We host the Lexical Studies part time distance PhD programme, the Formulaic Language Research Network (FLaRN) and the Research Network for Linguistics at Cardiff (LinC)

We would welcome PhD applications in the following areas:

Language learning (first and second)

Systemic Functional Grammar

Construction Grammar

Lexical processing

Formulaic language


Language disorders and attrition

For details on how to apply for our Postgraduate research programmes, please click here.

Some recent publications from the DLK group

Systemic Functional grammar:

O’Grady, Bartlett & Fontaine:  Choice in language: Applications in text analysis
Fontaine, Bartlett & O’GradySystemic functional linguistics: Exploring choice

Lexis and word association:

Fitzpatrick: Establishing the reliability of word association data for investigating individual and group differences

Formulaic language:

Wray: Timeline: Formulaic language


O’Grady: A grammar of spoken English discourse: The intonation of increments.

Language disorders:

Wray:  Mislaying compassion: linguistic triggers of inadequate caregiving.

Language learning:

Fitzpatrick:  Tracking the changes: Vocabulary acquisition in the study abroad context