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Research Opportunities

The earliest known woodcut of a print shop, 1499

The Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research (CEIR) offers a number of opportunities for postgraduate and advanced research, at various levels: as part of the MA programme in English Literature, through doctoral research projects and through the Visiting Scholars scheme. Members of CEIR offer expertise in fields such as Medieval studies, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Romanticism, Victorian studies, the early twentieth century and postmodernism. Students working within CEIR can hope to benefit not only from the many resources available within the Centre, but also from the interdisciplinary activities we are promoting. Specific training in textual editing, bibliographical research, book history and the scholarly use of IT are also available within the Centre.

MA Courses

CEIR’s MA provision covers core bibliographical and textual scholarship, covering five centuries of English literature, from the Renaissance to the Victorian period, and include: Bibliography and textual studies; Anthony Trollope and serial fiction; British Romanticism and satire; Reading/theory; Victorian visual cultures; Constructing Shakespeare; Credit and commerce in the eighteenth century; London and literature in the nineteenth century; and the Popular novel in the age of Austen.

Doctoral Research

Since its founding, CEIR has formed the base for a number of doctoral research projects focusing on history of the book and material cultures. In addition to individual supervision by members of staff based in CEIR, the Centre offers further support in the form of a Material Cultures Discussion Group, which meets on an informal basis three times per semester. This has been supplemented by the development of various research networks on illustration studies and material cultures.

Doctoral projects based in or drawing upon the research opportunities offered by CEIR include:

Visiting Scholars Scheme

Postgraduate researchers and experienced scholars are welcome to visit the Centre and benefit from its unique combination of expertise and resources in the areas of history of the book, editorial theory and practice, intertextuality and popular literatures, and material cultures. A variety of opportunities are available via the School's Visiting Scholars Scheme, which provides various options that accommodate the differing research requirements of interested scholars.

Key Resources

CEIR has been working closely with Cardiff’s Special Collections and Archives (SCOLAR) service in targeting acquisitions in order to develop its rich and vibrant research base, particularly focused in the long nineteenth century.

Key resources include:

The Centre itself has an abundant collection of reference works and nineteenth-century holdings, which are available for consultation, among them reproductions of around 3000 reviews of fiction from 1800–30, approximately 60 circulating library catalogues, as well as publishing papers and anecdotal records of reading from the first half of the century.

Further information is available from the Chair on request through any of the following means:

Professor Julia Thomas

Phone: +44 (0)29 208 74040
Fax: +44 (0)29 208 74647
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