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Postgraduate Students in Philosophy


Current Postgraduate Students



James Camps
The Literature of Georges Bataille

Ethan Chambers
The Compatibility of Virtue Ethics with the Humean Model of the Self

Melvin Chen
Beyond Ethical Philosophy: The Need for Literary Ethics

Tom Constant
Possible Worlds, Ideology, and Deconstruction

Dharmender Dhillon
The Dionysian, Kairos and Utopian

Fabio Gironi
Creative Metaphysics and Speculative Ontology for an Improved Scientific Realism

Garmon Dafydd Iago
A oes modd cael beirniadaeth gymdeithasol heb seiliau cryf fel yr Ysgol Frankfurt, gan ofyn a yw Foucault a Baudrillard wedi mynd tu hwnt iddynt?

Mubashir Khan
The Philosophy of the 'Other': A case study of Pakistani Immigration in Cardiff

Carl Murphy
An analysis of E J Lowe's Realist Account of Metaphysics

Julian Ryall
Sentience & Sapience: The Perceptual Grounding of Empirical Knowledge

Daisy Seabourne
How Communicative Theories of Punishment Should Deal with Dangerous Offenders

Robert Seip
Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Ethics, Legality, and Use of the Best Available Science

Matthew Spencer
Situationism and Virtue Ethics: Lessons from Ancient Buddhist Texts

Ben Taylor
Rorty and Nietzsche: Autonomy and Solidarity



Marc Bevan
The Ethical Implications of the Work of Camus


Recent PhD Completions



Mohammad Kamrul Ahsan
Sustainable Development and Environmentalism: An Ethical Framework for Policy and Decision Making in Developing Countries, with Special Reference to Bangladesh

John Hamilton
Russell: The Development of a Neutral Monistic Metaphysics



Ryo Chonabayashi
A Defence of Naturalistic Moral Realism

Eftychia Sofiali
The Modern Object: Sculpture Understood as a Work of Art