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Philosophy of Perception workshop series archive


30 April 2014

Michael GF Martin (UCL), Glances and Sighs: Social Competence and the Domain of Expression

Will McNeill (Cardiff), Basic Knowledge of Others

Matthew Parrot (Oxford), Seeing and Knowing Other Minds


2 October 2013

Richard Gray (Cardiff), Response to Dominic Gregory's Showing, Sensing, and Seeming

Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff), Response to Dominic Gregory's Showing, Sensing, and Seeming

Dominic Gregory (Sheffield), Visual Content, Expectations, and the Outside World


12 April 2013

Ivan Ivanov (Warwick), Misrepresenting Tropes

Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff), Spatial Attention and Perception: Seeing without Paint

Bence Nanay (Antwerp), The Determinacy/Indeterminacy of Perceptual Content


17 October 2012

Ophelia Deroy (CenSes), Synaesthesia and Perceptual Enrichment

Richard Gray (Cardiff), Perception, Imagination and Embodiment

Heather Logue (Leeds), Disjunctivism, Naive Realism, and Philosophical vs Scientific Study of Perceptual Experience


25 April 2012

Johannes Roessler (Warwick), Naive Perceptual Warrant

Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff), Perception and Attention

Ian Phillips (UCL), Attention and the Passage of Time


26 October 2011

Craig French (UCL), Visual Perception as a Means of Knowing

Richard Gray (Cardiff), Is There a Space of Sensory Modalities?

Michael Sollberger (Lausanne), In Defence of a Structural Account of Indirect Realism


19 April 2011

Chris Allen (Cardiff), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Effects on Perception and Awareness

Phillip Meadows (Keele), On A. D. Smith's Constancy-Based Defence of Direct Realism

Keith Allen (York), Sounds and Smells


20 October 2010

Zoe Drayson (Bristol), The Personal-Subpersonal Distinction in Theories of Perception

Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff), Naive Realism and Perception as a Guide to Action

Matthew Soteriou (Warwick), Perceiving Events


14 April 2010

Katalin Farkas (CEU), Distance in Olfactory Experience

Louise Richardson (Oxford), Taste and Smell in Flavour Perception

Barry Smith (Birkbeck), Flavour Perception and the Taste Test

Cain Todd (Lancaster), Expression and Objectivity in the Case of Wine


30 September 2009

Tim Crane (Cambridge), The Given

Fiona Macpherson (Glasgow), Cognitive Penetration of Colour Experience

Charlie Pelling (Birkbeck), The Normative Theory of Hallucination

Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff), Intentionality Without Representation


19 March 2009

Richard Gray (Cardiff), Experience and Content Assessibility

Michael Madary (Bristol), The Perspectival Challenge to Representationalism

Michelle Montague (Bristol), Content, Perception, and Awareness of Awareness

Matthew Nudds (Edinburgh), Auditory Perception