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Archive of Research Network on the Philosophy of Mind: Embedded, Extended, Enactive, and Embodied


16-17 July 2008: Cardiff University

Disclosing a World: Embodiment, Spatiality, and Motility
Steven Burwood (Hull)

Body, Mind and Language
David Cockburn (Lampeter)

Embodied Cognitive Science and Functionalism
Zoe Drayson (Bristol)

Action, Attention, and Visual Consciousness
Nivedita Gangopadhjay (Bristol)

Enactivism Explicated: Consciousness Clarified
Dan Hutto (Hertfordshire)

Embodied Narratives
Richard Menary (Wollongong)

Perceptual Constancy and the Argument from Phenomenological Variability
S°ren Overgaard (Hull)

Understanding Existential Changes in Psychiatric Illness
Matthew Ratcliffe (Durham)


9-10 July 2007: University of Hull

Is The Explanatory Gap To Be Expected?
Boran Bercik (Rijeka)

The Apparent Truth of Dualism and the Uncanny Body
Steven Burwood (Hull)

Emotion, Expression and Conversation
David Cockburn (Lampeter)

Representation In Deed, Indeed!
Shaun Gallagher (Central Florida)

Self-Knowledge, Constitution and Discovery
└ngel Garcýa-Rodrýguez (Murcia)

Imagination and Embodiment
Julia Jansen (Cork)

Cognitive Integration: Embodied Engagements and the Manipulation Thesis
Richard Menary (Wollongong)

The Problem of Other Minds: A Phenomenological Approach
S°ren Overgaard (Hull)

Husserl on Embodied Intentionality
Peter Poellner (Warwick)

The Phenomenology of Touch
Matthew Ratcliffe (Durham)

Taste and the Enactive Mind
Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff) and Richard Gray (Cardiff)

Embodiment and Virtue in Aristotle
Refeng Tang (UCL)


13-14 July 2006: Cardiff University

Self-Agency and Mental Causality
Shaun Gallagher (Central Florida)

The Constraints of Experience
Paul Gilbert (Hull)

Natural Expressions
Kathleen Lennon (Hull)

Attacking the Bounds of Cognition
Richard Menary (Wollongong)

The Feeling of Being
Matthew Ratcliffe (Durham)

Body Language: Representation in Action
Mark Rowlands (Miami)

The Nature and Content of Experience
Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff)


This network was supported by the Aristotelian Society, the Philosophy research sub-committee at Cardiff University, and the Philosophy Department at University of Hull