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University 125th Anniversary Lecture

'Futures of Criticism: 1929 / 2009'

Date: Monday January 26, 2009, 5.15pm, Lecture Theatre 0.05 OPTOM


Location: Optometry Building Lecture Theatre 0.05

To be delivered by: James Chandler (University of Chicago)

Professor Chandler is Barbara E. & Richard J. Franke Distinguished  Service Professor in the Department of English, University of Chicago  and Director of the University of Chicago's Franke Institute for the  Humanities. He currently leads the  Mellon-funded Consortium for  Disciplinary Innovation (Berkeley, Cambridge, Chicago, Columbia). 

Recent books include England in 1819 (Chicago) and (as editor) The  Cambridge History of English Romantic Literature and The Cambridge  Companion to Romantic Poetry. He is currently writing a history of  sentiment, from Adam Smith to Frank Capra, for the University of  Chicago Press.

The lecture will consider the ways in which the study of 'English'  became institutionalised in the twentieth-century in antagonistic  relationship to cinema and the acoustic arts, with a special focus on  I.A. Richards' lecture on 'The Future of Criticism'. Professor  Chandler will discuss literature, especially poetry, in relation to  cinema and the new media, and consider the relation between the'new  media and the old. The lecture will also consider the place of English  among the disciplines, and the future for criticism as it moves  between media, disciplines and 'shadow disciplines' such as ' —  studies'.

There will be a cheese and wine reception at 5.15pm in the foyer of the Optometry building followed by the lecture at 6.00pm. If you wish to attend please email Julie Alford at

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