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Critical Ecologies: Theory, Culture, and the Environment


Critical Ecologies is a one day interdisciplinary conference dealing with the critical intersection of culture and the natural environment from the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences. The event is open to both staff and students, attendance is free, and refreshments will be provided.
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Please click here to download the timetable.

Room 3.19, The Graduate Centre, Union Building, Cardiff University.

Friday May 24th, 2013.

Plenary Speakers
Dr. Adeline Johns Putra (University of Surrey)

‘Reading Ecologically: A New Materialist Vision of Literary Studies’

What is ecocriticism? Ecopoetics? Ecological thought? In the brave new world of critical climate change, object-oriented ontology, and new materialism, much is being said about the need to be ecologically aware, interconnected, intra-active, in tune with one’s place in the meshes and the networks that we now understand to form our universe. But what does such an awareness do the practice and critique of reading, particularly of our encounters with that most ubiquitous of literary forms—fiction? How do we read ecologically? In this talk, I discuss what an ecological reading of reading might look like.

Prof. Robin Attfield (Cardiff University, Philosophy)
'Ethics, Climate Change and Culture'

Dr. Jon Anderson (Cardiff University, Geography and Planning)
‘Critical Ecologies as Trajectory: Environmentalism where we are in the 21st Century’

Call for Papers (English)

Call for Papers (Welsh)