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This issue offers two new articles and one report based on ongoing research at the Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research and its partner institutions:

Three Articles and Reports by various contributors, both within and without Cardiff University:

  1. Brian Robert Bates (University of Denver) discusses the relationship between 1810s’ bibliomania and Wordsworth’s conceptualisation of his oeuvre.

  2. Peter Garside (University of Edinburgh) and Gillian Hughes (University of Stirling) examine Hogg’s participation in the growing numbers trade in the Glasgow of the 1830s.

  3. The fifth and final bibliographical update to The English Novel, 1800–1829 provides new information on authorship, titles, and further editions.

Beginning with Issue 10, users will now be able to download entire issues of Cardiff Corvey in a new print-optimised Acrobat format, in addition to downloading the individual articles. Over the coming months, we shall be retrospectively adding this facility to the website, working backwards to Issue 1. See our Articles page for more details.

[See our Current Research section for fuller details, which will be updated regularly as the projects progress.]

1) Database of Romantic Fiction, 1800–1830: established in March 1997, the database is based on over a decade’s research by Professor Peter Garside, and was developed by Dr Anthony Mandal.
  The first phase has resulted in the creation of over 2,260 full entries on early nineteenth-century novels and tales, with details on authorship, gender, holding libraries, subscription details, price, and format.
  A pilot project (February 2000–September 2001) was run to develop the database further and resulted in the appointment of a full-time Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr Jacqueline Belanger, to the project.
  In October 2001, a second Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr Sharon Ragaz, was appointed to work with the project team (Jacqueline Belanger, Peter Garside, Anthony Mandal, David Skilton).
  The final phase (October 2001–September 2004), now complete, provides a fuller record of the reception of these works, using reviews, anecdotal evidence, subscription lists, newspaper advertisements, and impression numbers, among others.

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