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The following papers are also available as hypertext pages in our Articles section, and are available for downloading in Adobe Acrobat® format (PDF).  If you have the Acrobat Reader web browser plug-in installed in your web browser (generally Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer), left-clicking on the link may simply open the files for viewing in your web browser rather than downloading them.  If this happens it is advised that you right-click on the link and select the Save As option in the menu that pops up.

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  Jane Aaron, ‘ “Saxon, Think not All Is Won”: Felicia Hemans and the Making of Britons’ (Issue 4: 05/00): cc04_n01.pdf.

  Brian Robert Bates, ‘Wordsworth’s “Library of Babel’: Bibliomania, the 1814 Excursion, and the 1815 Poems’ (Issue 14: Summer 05): cc14_n01.pdf.

  Jacqueline Belanger, ‘Some Preliminary Remarks on the Production and Reception of Fiction Relating to Ireland, 1800–1829’ (Issue 4: 05/00): cc04_n02.pdf.

  Margareta Björkman, ‘High and Low: Some Remarks on the Reading Culture of the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries’ (Issue 3: 09/99): cc03_n01.pdf.

  Benjamin Colbert , ‘Bibliography of British Travel Writing, 1780–1840: The European Tour, 1814–1818 (excluding Britain and Ireland)’ (Issue 13: Winter 04): cc13_n01.pdf.

  Andrew Davies, ‘ “The Gothic Novel in Wales” Revisited: A Preliminary Survey of the Wales-Related Romantic Fiction at Cardiff University’ (Issue 2: 06/98): cc02_n01.pdf.

  Kathryn Dawes, ‘Anonymity and the Pressures of Publication in the Early Ninteenth Century’ (Issue 4: 05/00): cc04_n03.pdf.

  Marie-Luise Egbert, ‘The English Landscape Garden and the Romantic-Era Novel: Changing Concepts of Space’ (Issue 5: 11/00): cc05_n01.pdf.

  Peter Garside, ‘Mrs Ross and Elizabeth B. Lester: New Attributions’ (Issue 2: 06/98): cc02_n02.pdf.

  Peter Garside, ‘Scott and the “Common Novel, 1808–1819’ (Issue 3: 09/99): cc03_n02.pdf.

  Peter Garside, ‘Subscribing Fiction in Britain, 1780–1829’ (Issue 11: 12/03): cc11_n03.pdf.

  Peter Garside & Gillian Hughes, ‘James Hogg’s Tales and Sketches and the Glasgow Number Trade’ (Issue 14: Summer 05): cc14_n02.pdf.

  Peter Garside & Anthony Mandal, ‘Producing Fiction in Britain, 1800–1829’ (Issue 1: 08/97): cc01_n01.pdf.

  Imke Heuer, ‘ “Shadows of Beauty, Shadows of Power”: Heroism, Deformity, and Classical Allusion in Joshua Pickersgill’s The Three Brothers and Byron’s The Deformed Transformed ’ (Issue 12: Summer 04): cc12_n01.pdf.

  Lisa Hopkins, ‘Jane C. Loudon’s The Mummy!: Mary Shelley Meets George Orwell, and They Go in a Balloon to Egypt’ (Issue 10: 06/03): cc10_n01.pdf.

  Avril Horner & Sue Zlosnik, ‘Dead Funny: Eaton Stannard Barrett’s The Heroine as Comic Gothic ’ (Issue 5: 11/00): cc05_n02.pdf.

  Rachel Howard, ‘Anne Ker (1766–1821): A Biographical and Bibliographical Study’ (Issue 11: 12/03): cc11_n04.pdf.

  Rachel Howard, ‘Domesticating the Novel: Moral–Domestic Fiction, 1820–1834’ (Issue 13: Winter 04): cc13_n03.pdf.

  Donald Kerr, ‘ “Satire is Bad Trade”: Dr John Wolcot and his Publishers and Printers in Eighteenth-Century England’, (Issue 12: Summer 04): cc12_n02.pdf.

  Tim Killick, ‘The Rise of the Tale: A Preliminary Checklist of Collections of Short Fiction Published 1820–29 in the Corvey Collection’ (Issue 7: 12/01): cc07_n04.pdf.

  Angela Koch, ‘ “The Absolute Horror of Horrors Revised”: A Bibliographical Checklist of Early-Nineteenth-Century Gothic Bluebooks ’ (Issue 9: 12/02): cc09_n03.pdf.

  Angela Koch, ‘Gothic Bluebooks in the Princely Library of Corvey and Beyond’ (Issue 9: 12/02): cc09_n01.pdf.

  Aruna Krishnamurthy, ‘ “Assailing the Thing”: Politics of Space in William Cobbett’s Rural Rides’ (Issue 7: 12/01): cc07_n01.pdf.

  Rita J. Kurtz and Jennifer L. Womer, ‘The Novel as Political Marker: Women Writers and their Female Audiences in the Hookham and Carpenter Archives, 1791–1798’ (Issue 13: Winter 04): cc13_n02.pdf.

  Rolf Loeber & Magda Stouthamer-Loeber, ‘The Publication of Irish Novels and Novelettes, 1750–1829: A Footnote on Irish Gothic Fiction’ (Issue 10: 06/03): cc10_n02.pdf.

  Roberta Magnani, ‘The Mysterious Mrs Meeke: A Biographical and Bibliographical Study’ (Issue 9: 12/02): cc09_n04.pdf.

  Anthony Mandal, ‘Revising the Radcliffean Model: Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey and Regina Maria Roche’s Clermont ’ (Issue 3: 09/99): cc03_n03.pdf.

  Laura Mandell, ‘Hemans and the Gift-Book Aesthetic’ (Issue 6: 06/01): cc06_n01.pdf.

  Michael Page, ‘Mary Meeke’s Something Strange: The Development of the Novel and the Possibilities of the Imagination’ (Issue 11: 12/03): cc11_n01.pdf.

  Pam Perkins, ‘Planting Seeds of Virtue: Sentimental Fiction and the Moral Education of Women’ (Issue 6: 06/01): cc06_n02.pdf.

  Franz Potter, ‘Writing for the Spectre of Poverty: Exhuming Sarah Wilkinson’s Bluebooks and Novels’ (Issue 11: 12/03): cc11_n02.pdf.

  Sharon Ragaz, ‘Writing to Sir Walter: The Letters of Mary Bryan Bedingfield’ (Issue 7: 12/01): cc07_n02.pdf.

  Jacqueline Rhodes, ‘Copyright, Authorship, and the Professional Writer: The Case of William Wordsworth’ (Issue 8: 06/02): cc08_n01.pdf.

  Margaret J.-M. Sonmez, ‘Archaisms in “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” ’ (Issue 9: 12/02): cc09_n02.pdf.

  John Steele, ‘Anne and John Ker: New Soundings’ (Issue 12: Summer 04): cc12_n03.pdf.

  Anne Stevens, ‘Tales of Other Times: A Survey of British Historical Fiction, 1770–1812’ (Issue 7: 12/01): cc07_n03.pdf.

  Tamara Wagner, ‘Nostalgia for Home or Homelands: Romantic Nationalism and the Indeterminate Narrative in Frances Burney’s The Wanderer’ (Issue 10: 06/03): cc10_n03.pdf.

  Amy Weldon, ‘ “The Common Gifts of Heaven”: Animal Rights and Moral Education in Anna Letitia Barbauld’s “The Mouse’s Petition” and “The Caterpillar” ’ (Issue 8: 06/02): cc08_n02.pdf.

  Caspar Wintermans, ‘Dutch Translations of English Novels, 1770–1829’ (Issue 7: 12/01): cc07_n05.pdf.

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