The following Appendices consist of 138 works not incorporated from the main chronological listings for a number of reasons:

  Appendix 1 consists of three series of original titles produced by Harriet Martineau during the period, excluded partly in view of the specially programmatic nature of their contents, and also to avoid the 34 titles involved unbalancing the main listings.

  Appendix 2 (104 works in all) details types of fiction in the period which are considered not to represent novels in the sense required for entry in the main listings, while nevertheless containing a significant amount of fictional matter: juvenile writings; miscellanies, occasional works, and multi-genre collections; heavily didactic and/or religious pieces; treatments of local histories and manners, works dealing with topographical matters, or travel writings; semi-fictional biographical accounts and memoirs; and titles for whose existence no clear evidence has been found.

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