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Nina Lyon


person name Position: Postgraduate Researcher Email:
Area: English Literature

PhD Research

My thesis is currently titled The Hunting of the Snark: nonsense, satire and the rejection of metaphysical realism.  It considers The Hunting of the Snark against Lewis Carroll's interests in mathematics and symbolic logic, and the emerging contemporary philosophical dispute between idealism and positivism, which would develop into a twentieth-century divide between metaphysical realism and non-realism. It argues that The Hunting of the Snark is an assertion of both literary and metaphysical anti-realism, which is consistent with Carroll's other fiction and his position on symbolic logic. In doing so it considers a number of critical approaches to Carroll, including Deleuze's Logic of Sense and the early work of F. C. S. Schiller. It also looks at more recent developments in the realist/non-realist dispute, such as speculative realism, process philosophy and Closure theory, and at how far metaphysical debate can be said to have progressed since Carroll's death.

Supervisor: Laurent Milesi, Christopher Norris

Academic Background

I studied English Literature at UCL, where I graduated with a First in 2002. I have worked, variously, as a tutor, teacher and in a therapeutic community, and spent five years organising and running arts and philosophy events for the Institute of Art and Ideas. I am currently consulting as part of a team of early career academics and research students with BBC Wales on their Connected Studio programme.

Conferences, Symposia and Seminars

I was part of the team that launched the philosophy festival HowTheLightGetsIn, and now freelance as festival manager, overseeing the running of the festival over ten days, and consult on editorial and marketing. This year I will also produce a panel event on Deleuze and desire.