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Claudio Celis Bueno


person name Position: Postgraduate Researcher Email:
Area: Critical and Cultural Theory

PhD Research

My thesis examines the relationship between labour, time, and power in control societies. More specifically, it focuses on the role that the attention economy plays in post-Fordism from the standpoint of labour and time as mechanisms of social control. In order to explore this, my research relies mainly on Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari’s schizoanalytic methodology, on Marx's critique of political economy, and on Bernard Stiegler’s analysis of cinematic time.

Supervisor: Dr Peter Sedgwick

Academic Background

MA in Political Philosophy, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile, 2011.
MA in Art Theory, Universidad de Chile, Chile, 2010.
BA in Art History and Art theory, Universidad de Chile, Chile, 2008.
Diploma in Film-Making, Universidad de Chile, Chile, 2006.


2012, Guest editor for a special issue of Pensamiento Politico journal. This special issue focuses on Gilles Deleuze’s political thought (

2011, “El rol del territorio para una racionalidad politica global” (“The role of territory for a global political rationality”). Paper published in Pensamiento Politico (Issue 1). Santiago, Chile. (

2010, “El oxímoron publicitario” (“The advertisement oxymoron”). Paper published in
Pléyade (Issue 6). Santiago, Chile. (

2010, “Notas sobre documentalismo, temporalidad e ideología” (“Notes on documentary
films, temporality and ideology”). Chapter of the book Archivo, Imagen-Tiempo, Ciudad, edited by Carlos Pérez Villalobos. Universidad Diego Portales. Santiago, Chile.

2010, “La postproducción como herramienta crítica” (“Post-production as critique”).
Paper published in Revista 180 (Issue 25). Universidad Diego Portales. Santiago, Chile.
2010, “La autoconciencia como mercancía” (“The commodification of reflexivity”).
Chapter of the book Imágenes sin comunidad: lecturas de Guy Debord,edited by Rodrigo Zúñiga.
Universidad de Chile. Santiago, Chile.

2009, “Cine documental: verosimilitud y temporalidad” (“Documentary films: verisimilitude
and temporality”).Paper published in Revista UDP (Issue 8). Universidad Diego Portales. Santiago, Chile.

2009, “Nietzsche, Freud, Marx: Introducción a un problema metodológico” (“Nietzsche, Freud, Marx:
Introduction to a methodological problem”). Paper published in Revista Punto de Fuga (Issue 4). Universidad de Chile. Santiago, Chile.

2009, “Cine clásico: autorreflexión e ideología. De Don Quijote a Toy Story” (“Classic cinema:
reflexivity and ideology. From Don Quixote to Toy Story”) Book edited from my BA thesis. Universidad de Chile. Santiago, Chile.

2009, “Toy Story y el cine clásico” (“Toy Story and classic cinema”). Paper published in Revista deCine (Issue 10). Universidad de Chile. Santiago, Chile.

Conferences, Symposia and Seminars


2013, “For a critique of the political economy of intelectual property” at the XX FilmForum Conference, Udine, Italy.
2012, “Anti-Oedipus and the historization of Desire” at the Desire and Culture conference, University of Malta.
2010, “Cinema and Politics” at Escuela de Espectadores Criticos, Universidad del Bio-Bio, Chile.
2010, “La emergencia de los recursos en el cine”, at Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, Chile.


2008-2011 – Research Assistant, “Archivo, Imagen-Tiempo, Ciudad”, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile.

2010, Research Assistant, “Ficcion Digital” (, Chile.



2009-2011 Lecturer at Universidad Diego Portales, Chile.