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Current PhD Students and Topics in English Literature


Name Thesis Title
Lucy Andrew The British Boy Detective: Origins, Forms, Functions, 1865-1940
Daniel Anthony The Myth and its Registration
Martha Baldon The construction of the Grail Quest in Middle English and Old/Middle French
Sophie Battell Shakespeare, Derrida, and Hospitality
Sarah Blewitt 'Hidden Mothers and Poetic Pregnancy: 1792 to the Present
Charlotte Boman 'Domestic Iconography: Representations of Family Life in the Mid to Late Victorian Period
Megen de Bruin-Molé Neo-Historical Monsters: The Use and Abuse of the Literary Past in 21st-Century Popular Narratives
Judith Dray Towards a popular liturgy: Prayer in Vernacular Middle English Literature
Dewi Evans The Idea of the Book in Late-Victorian Fiction
Marianne Fisher Nobility in Middle English Romance
Darren Freebury-Jones

A Nest of Crows: Imitation and Collaboration in Elizabethan Drama

Calum Gardner Roland Barthes and English-language avant-garde poetry, 1970-1987
Jessica George Evolutionary Theory and the Weird Tale
Michael Goodman Illustrating Shakespeare: Text, Image and the Digital Archive
Betty Grubb The forging of Identity and Community in India and Welsh Writing from a Postcolonial Perspective
Catherine Han Remaking the Brontës: Contemporary Middlebrow Representations and Adaptations of the Feminine Creative Imagination.
Christopher Hughes Rhetoric in Alliterative Arthurian Verse
Shayne Husbands The Literary and Cultural Significance of the Early Roxburghe Club
Amber Jenkins From Pen to Print: Virginia Woolf, the Hogarth Press, and the Art of Literary Composition
John Jenkins Fashioning the Male: Masculinity in Twentieth-Century Welsh Industrial Fiction in English
Llyr Lewis Beth Allaf Wneud ond Rhestru Hen Tehmau? (Yr adfywiad Celtaidd Yng Nghymru ac Iwerddon)
Nicola Lloyd Sentimentalism and the British Romantic Novel, 1800-1820
Nina Lyon The Hunting of the Snark: nonsense, satire and antirealism
Jihan Mahmoud Zakarriya Deconstruction of Different forms of apartheid in works of Edward Said, J.M. Coetzee and Jabra Ibrahim Jabra: A comparative study of discrimination, Resistance, and Alienation
Siriol Mcavoy Medievalism in Virginia Woolf and Lynette Roberts: Ritulaism, Spirituality and Community
Andrea McGowan Re-shaping Shakespeare and Telling Tales: the Edited Bard in Children's Illustrated Texts
Helen McKenzie Conceptions of Authorship in Victorian Fiction
Susan Morgan Modest Venus: Experiments in Seeing
Joao Morais The Gwerin and the Crachach: A Novel
Peter Morgan Impersonality and the extinction of self. A comparative investigation of the underlying impulse and stylistic development of the poetry of Alun Lewis and Keith Douglas.
Lara O'Connor 'Shakespeare and the search for tragic form in the 1590s'.
Catherine Phelps '[Dis]solving Genres: Arguing the Case for Welsh Crime Fiction'.
Alexandra Phillips Maritime Fiction: Joseph Conrad to Virginia Woolf
Timothy Rhys Creative Writing
Alice Rowe The Pharmakon and Additction in Nineteenth-Century Peridoical Culture
Emma Schofield Independent Wales? The impact of Devolution on Welsh fiction in English.
Elinor Shepley Old Age in Welsh Fiction in English After 1900
Lisa Sheppard 'They were like Aliens': Multiculturalism, Bilingualism and the 'Other': Welsh Identity in the Fiction of South Wales since 1900
Victoria Shirley Galfridus Monemutensis: the construction of Geoffrey of Monmouth as a 'British' historian in England, Scotland, and Wales
Caleb Sivyer Theorising the Politics of Gender and Visuality in Modernist and Postmodernist Fiction
Sheri Smith Answers to prayer in Chaucer: An ambiguous response to human tragedy
Christina Thatcher Poetic Grief: Writing the Death of an Addict
Jayne Thomas Victorian Epiphany: Robert Browning to George Moore
Mark David Truesdale Kings of Dark Corners: The Carnival Politics of the Fifteenth-Century King in Disguise Tradition
Thomas Tyrrell Milton's Comus and Bucolic Nationhood
Hendrika (Dany) Van Dam Orientalism and sexual stereotyping in neo-Victorian writing
Robert Walton Root and Branch: Direction in the Urban Novel in Contemporary Welsh Fiction in English
Shelagh Weeks 'Washing the Dead' (short stories) and Connections and Disconnections in the Short Story Form
Ayman Ali Zaid the Imagery of War and Aesteticism in the Works of Edward Thomas

Completed PhD Theses

Name Thesis Title
Nicole Davall 'Shakespeare and Concepts of History'
Michelle Deininger Short Fiction by Women from Wales: A Neglected Tradition
Maura Dunst 'Such Genius as Hers': Music in New Woman Fiction
Dewi Evans The Idea of the Book in Late-Victorian Fiction
Elizabeth Ford 'Enter Will Kemp': the role of the stage clown in the composition and revision of Shakespeare's Plays, 1592-1599.
Laura Foster The Representation of the Workhouse in Nineteenth-Century Culture.
Katie Garner Avalon Recovered: The Arthurian Legend in British Women’s Writing, 1775-1845
Johann Gregory Expectation Whirled Around in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida: Audience Expectation and Matters of Taste in Relation to Authorship and the Book
Rachel Jones Mary Magdalene as Counter-Heroine: Hagiography and Social Order.
Erica Moore Practising and Posthumanities: Evolutionary Animals, Machines and the Posthuman in the Fiction of J.G. Ballard and Kurt Vonnegut.
Etienne Poulard 'Untimely Aesthetics: Shakespeare, Anachronism and Presence'
Rhys Tranter Ill Seen Ill Said: Trauma, Representation and Subjectivity in Samuel Beckett's Post-War Writing
Alun Thomas 'The Making and Remaking of History in Shakespeare's History Plays'.
Nicole Thomas 'The Daughters of Modron: Evangeline Walton's Feminist Re-Visioning of The Mabinogi'
Theresa Wray A reappraisal of the short stories of Mary Lavin

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