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Current PhD Students and Topics in Language and Communication


Name Thesis Title
Zayneb Al-Bundawi Obituary announcements in British and Iraqi Societies: a socio-pragmatic analysis
Fahad Al Mesaad Acquisition of the Inflectional Morphemes by EFL learners of English in Saudi Arabia
Ana Ameal-Guerra The Thread of Business Conversations: Socio-Relational Talk and Transactional Goals at the Seamstress
Samantha Austen Learner Error in Second Language Acquisition: The Transfer of Form or Concept
Giulia Baker Children's Linguistic Development: Detecting Different Types of Ambiguity in Word Play, particularly throughout KS2
Neil Bowen Modelling the dynamics of choice in digital text construction: organised complexity in the development of L1 and L2 academic writing
Katy Brickley A critical discourse analysis of assisted voluntary return repatriation programmes
Dorottya Csenge Cserzo 'Affordances and constraints of the medium in digital video-mediated conversations'
Nadia Elias Exploring the use of vocabulary learning strategies (VLS) by Iraqi Kurdish English Foreign Language (EFL) Learners in relation to their academic level and EFL context
Claire Evans The Media Representation of Formula One as ‘spectacle’: Constructing Sport as a Live Mediatised Event'
Sheila Gewolb Working choices: Issues affecting retirement decisions for older people
Katy Jones The use of indefinite expressions for definite reference in English discourse.
Argyro Kantara Adversarial Challenges and Responses in Greek pre-election political interviews
Somaia El Mostafa Lashkham Intonation Choices in the Speech of Libyan Arabic Speakers of English.
Harriet Lloyd The Discourse of Charity Advertising: how the aid industry encourages restricted giving
Jocelyn Palmer Communication and Popular Music
Boitshwarelo Rantsudu News reporting and discursive construction of national identity in Botswana.
Susan Reichelt The linguistic construction of multiculturalism in fictional television
Amjad Saleem Memorizing in a language you don’t speak: the case of a religious text. 
David Schönthal The influence of the contextual environment on the structure of English binominal noun phrases
Jaspal Singh Transcultural voices: Narrating hip hop culture in complex Delhi
Piotr Wegorowski Investigating translation zones in law
Marta Wilczek-Watson Metacultural performances of Self and Other during transnational celebratory events (working title)
Michael Willett A Study of the Productivity of Twelve English Onset Phonaesthemes

Completed PhD Theses

Benjamin Clarke Does the realisation of ellipsis in text support SFL’s context-metafunction hook-up hypothesis?  A corpus-based approach
Vasiliki Kanellou The Place and Practice of Pronunciation Teaching in the Context of the English Language Classroom in Thessaloniki, Greece
Sally Nelson Forensic Linguistics
Benjamin Saunders Young Adults' Discursive Constructions of Chronic Illness Experience
Charlotte Selleck A Comparative Ethnographic Study Of Students' Experiences And Perceptions Of Language Ideologies In Bilingual Welsh/English Education: Inclusive Policy And Exclusionary Practice.
Anne Storey The display and negotiation of expertise and uncertainty in problem-based tutorials in medicine: a discourse analytic apporach
Elen Rhiannon Robert Welsh Lexical Planning and the Use of Lexis in Institutional Settings

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