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The Engineering Behaviour of Soils

The Engineering Behaviour of Soils
Core logging during student
project, Porthkerry Park, Barry. 

The module will first introduce the principles of soil mechanics including (a) basic characteristics of soils; (b) the concepts of effective and total stress; (c) consolidation and shear strength; (d) the analysis of slope stability; (e) seepage of water and flow nets. Laboratory-based analysis of soil properties will be introduced in the second part of the module. Students will undertake standard soil testing procedures, including determination of Atterberg Limits, granulometry, bulk density, shear strength, compaction and consolidation properties. Finally, the nature and origin of Quaternary soils in the UK will be outlined, and case studies will be presented that emphasise their role in ground engineering, including the nature and significance of glacial and periglacial soils, and the significance of soft Holocene sediments in foundation design.


Dr Phil Renforth
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