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Research Staff

Dr Kirsty Edgar

I am currently a NERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at Cardiff University. I specialize in planktic foraminiferal micropaleontology and foraminiferal-based geochemistry. My primary research goal is to understand the timing and nature of the interaction between the global carbon cycle and climate, and their impact on planktic foraminifera during the Cenozoic.

My current research focuses on the generation of traditional and novel geochemical proxy records to reconstruct surface ocean changes alongside planktic foraminiferal records (e.g., morphometrics, diversity and abundance) across Paleogene global warming events to test the sensitivity of climate and biota in a high pCO2 world. Focal events include the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO) ~40 million years ago and earlier ‘hyperthermals’.

Further current research interests include assessing the fidelity of geochemical proxies preserved in foraminiferal calcite – an essential test to provide confidence in palaeonvironmental reconstructions, Eocene climate stability and the history of the ocean’s carbonate compensation depth.

My research interests at a glance:

1) Biotic responses to global climate change

2) Cenozoic climate change and carbon cycling                       

3) The fidelity of geochemical proxies in the fossil record