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Project Planning, Design and Management

Project Planning, Design & Management

Project Planning, Design and

Case studies presented by industrial collaborators will integrate the theoretical content of other modules, and provide students with experience of engineering practice. Topics will include slope stability, investigation of contaminated land, environmental impact assessment, site investigation in practice, hydrogeological projects and pollution control. Lecture-room presentations will be supported by site visits where a range of engineering projects will be explained. The Project Training component of this module provides students with first-hand experience of project-work, including desk studies, field data collection, laboratory analysis and report writing. Two, two-week projects, will be organised during which students will work in teams to undertake assessments at (a) a site where a major landslide is posing a significant hazard, and (b) where a geotechnical and geophysical site investigation is required for future construction. Each student will submit an individual report on each project, which will form the basis for assessment.


Industrial Contributors (Case Studies)

Dr Peter Brabham
Telephone: +44(0)29 208 74334