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Postgraduate Students

Mr Duarte Soares

PhD Title: Syn- to Post-Rift Transitions on Passive Continental Margins

Supervisors: Tiago Alves (Cardiff University), Christopher Jackson (Imperial College), Pedro Terrinha (LNEG)

For my PhD project I am studying the syn- to post-rift transitions in passive margins in terms of sedimentary deposits. My focus is to understand what happen during and immediately after this critical event that the breakup of continents represents. The stress release caused by this crustal disruption and consequent lithospheric readjustment to the new stress background will promote the development of sedimentary settings that can be radically different from the ante-breakup ones. The reflection of these changes is then imprinted in the sedimentary record through unconformities and abrupt facies changes. The chosen approach for this research deals with well log data, seismic data and field work integrated in a sequence stratigraphy framework. In a first stage the research is focused in the West Iberian and Newfoundland conjugated margins. The tectonic setting at the time of breakup in this area, plus the available data, quality of outcrops and published work make it an ideal area for this study. In a later stage the results achieved will be extrapolated and compared with other passive margin settings across the globe.

Beyond my PhD theme I am interested in several other science topics (my hobby is fossil elasmobranchs), such as archaeology, space sciences, biology, etc. Beer (ale and other full flavour ones) and photography are some of my other interests…