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Magmatism and Metallogenesis


Our research group conducts a wide range of studies aimed at understanding magmatic and hydrothermal processes and their products. There are four main components to our research efforts:

  • magmatism and crustal formation
  • geochemical fingerprinting
  • mineralogical resources
  • sulphides

For more information about group members, including recent publications, please visit individual staff pages (scroll down):

Prof Chris MacLeod (*group leader)
Research interests include mid-ocean ridge processes.

Prof Julian Pearce (**research theme leader)
Research interests include marine geology and geochemistry.

Dr Andrew Kerr
Research interests include oceanic plateaux and Large Igneous Provinces.

Dr C Johan Lissenberg
Research interests in the generation and evolution of oceanic lithosphere and ophiolites.

Prof Wolfgang Maier

Dr Iain McDonald
Research interests include analytical geochemistry, platinum-group element geochemisry, mineral deposits, and impact craters.

Dr Hazel Prichard
Research interests include economic geology, platinum-group metals, field geology, and mineralogy and geochemistry.