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Land Contamination: Assessment, remediation and environmental protection

Cardiff School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Environmental quality and landfill
is always a concern. 

All aspects of contaminated land will be addressed in this module, including the chemical principles that underpin understanding and control of contaminants in the environment.

Part 1 introduces the principles of environmental geochemistry together with field and laboratory methods.

Part 2 of the module considers the assessment of contaminated land and the environmental effects of air pollution. Methods of investigation will be reviewed, including: health and safety, the nature of chemical contamination, testing, risk assessment and the legal framework.

Part 3 deals with the reclamation and remediation of contaminated sites. The nature of contaminants, ground improvement methods and risk-based strategies for land reclamation and containment of pollutants will all be discussed. Case studies will form important components of the course.

In Part 4, the potential environmental effects of landfill waste disposal are addressed in the context of the legislative framework in place to control the licensing and operation of landfill sites.


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