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Honorary & Emeritus Staff

Professor Michael Bassett

Professor Bassett's research activities are focussed on Palaeozoic stratigraphy, palaeontology and sedimentary facies development, with particular reference to Ordovician-Silurian successions and brachiopod in various areas of the British Isles and Balto-Scandia and Gondwanaland. He has long term research colaboration with Dr Lesley Cherns (Cardiff), Professor D. Edwards (Cardiff), Dr Lars Holmer (Upsala, Sweden) and Dr Leonid Popov (St Petersburg) who is currently based in Cardiff. Professor Bassett has authored over 130 scientific articles and books in his career and is involved with a number of national and international geological organisations. He is currently First Vice Chairman of the International Comission on Stratigraphy.

Mike has been responsible for devising and managing a number of extremely successful exhibitions at the National Museum of Wales. These include ‘Dinosaurs from China’ (1986-1988), ‘Dinosaurs past and present’ (1990), ‘Mammoths and the Ice Age’ (1991-1993), ‘prehistoric sea monsters’ (1993-1994) and the ‘Tracking Dinosaurs’ display (in co-operation with Martin Lockley) which is currently on tour in the UK.

Research specialisation

The early evolution, phylogenetic relationships, function, ecology and morphology of Palaeozoic brachiopod faunas worldwide.

Additional research areas

Evolution of sedimentary facies, particularly in the Palaeozoic rocks of the Welsh basin and Baltoscandinavia.

Facies controls, biogeography and biostratigraphy of Silurian plant-bearing sequences in Argentina and Bolivia.