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Honorary & Emeritus Staff

Professor Bernard Leake

Bernard Elgey Leake moved to Cardiff as an Honorary Research Fellow in 1997 from the University of Glasgow, where he is Emeritus Professor of Geology, being Professor of Geology from 1974 to 1997, Head of Department for 18 years 1974–1992 & Honorary Keeper of the Geological Collections in the Hunterian Museum of the University of Glasgow, 1974–1997. 

He was Gledden Senior Visiting Research Fellow in the University of Western Australia 1986,  Erskine Visiting Research Fellow, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, in 1999 & Leverhulme Emeritus Research Fellow at Cardiff from 2000 –2, in the last working on the petrogenesis of the Galway Granite.  This included mapping the granite, which he concentrated on 1977-2011 (having started in 1957) and a series of papers on this topic and the geology of Connemara (60 years of mapping) have been published. He has ~160 publications in petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, geological mapping & amphibole nomenclature–the International standard scheme was agreed under his chairmanship.

At present he is working on thrusting in the Galway Granite, the history 1958–2008 of the Geologists’ Association and the geology of Joyces Country, Ireland.  In 2011 he published a biography of Prof. J.W. Gregory F.R.S.  Gregory worked on every continent except Antarctica, wrote over 30 books & well over 300 papers, nearly all single-authored & was the first to recognise correctly the origin of the African Rift Valley, and also to point out that Wegener’s theory of Continental Drift (which lacked subduction) required a wider past Pacific Ocean than now, whereas Gregory correctly showed the reverse.