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Earth Surface Processes


Our research group investigates the physical processes (including human activities) that create the environments and landscapes in which we live. Our work develops insight into the states, behaviours, and dynamics of the Earth's surface through a combination of field research, laboratory experimentation, and numerical modelling. Recent research by group members examines the dynamics of meandering rivers (Constantine, Lazarus); the role of vegetation in controlling mass movements (Hales, Constantine); the mechanical and physical properties of hydrophobic soils (Lourenco); and the controls on periglacial weathering in mountainous regions (Hales).

There is also a strong coastal component to the group, which includes research into developed shorelines as coupled human–landscape systems (Lazarus), and into policy mechanisms for integrated coastal and marine management (Ballinger). Formative research regarding the integrated management of the Severn Estuary (Ballinger) constitutes one of the School's key extra-academic impacts.

Applied research in environmental pollution and protection (Jones) comprises another component of the group, which maintains close links with industrial partners.

For more information about group members, including recent publications, please visit the individual staff pages (scroll down):

Dr TC Hales (*group leader; Hillslope Geomorphology)
Research interests include tectonic geomorphology, landscape evolution, periglacial processes, rockfall erosion, ecologic controls on landscape form, debris flow processes, hillslope evolution, weathering rind development.

Dr Rhoda Ballinger (Environmental & Marine Policy)
Research interests include marine and environmental management and policy.

Dr José Constantine (Fluvial Geomorphology)
Research interests include all aspects of fluvial and coastal geomorphology

Dr Tim Jones (Applied Environmental Research)
Research interests include contaminated land and human health.

Dr Eli Lazarus (Coastal and Terrestrial Morphodynamics)
Research interests include geopatterns, landscape dynamics, and human–environmental systems.

Dr Sérgio Lourenço (Soil Mechanics)
Research interests include soil wettability, rainfall-induced landslides, unsaturated soils.