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Dissertation work is undertaken in association with industrial collaborators. All students are placed with a company (usually an engineering consultant). Most placements include remuneration from the host company. The dissertation, of maximum length 20,000 words, reports the outcomes of the student's project work. The dissertation must address a specific geo-environmental or geotechnical problem. Assessment includes an oral presentation summarising the main results of the project.

Examples of dissertation titles and associated industrial partners from 2001:

  • Risk assessment of contaminated soils and groundwater in the St Donats Road area, Cardiff
  • Human health risk assessment of Walton House service station.
  • Environmental site assessment and remediation of a former shoe factory, Yeovil.
  • Hydrogen Sulphide air quality monitoring at Bryn Pica landfill site.
  • Factors affecting the stability of embankments along the M4 motorway, and an appraisal of the Highways Agency’s HA GDMS database system.
  • Quantitative groundwater risk assessment of an industrial site in Southeast England.
  • An investigation into landfill gas with respect to Gas Sim modelling at Nant-y-Gwyddon landfill site.
  • An assessment of a potential residential development on a landslipped site at Ffenst-y-Cwm, Porth.
  • An investigation in the Avon Gorge, Bristol on the stability of Cofferdams and Retaining Walls.
  • A geotechnical assessment of the widening of the M4 motorway from junction 29 to 32, north of Cardiff.
  • A review of the hydrogeological risk assessment for Morfa non-hazardous landfill, Port Talbot.
  • Geophysical ground investigation of a Jerrican filling plant.
  • Geophysical investigation of a lined hydrocarbon disposal cell at the restored Ferry Road Landfill.
  • Landslide mechanisms and triggers in North Wales.
  • The bioaccessibility of arsenic at a housing estate in East London.
  • A risk assessment of stockpiled material for re-use in a waterfront development with respect to environmental legislation.
  • A geoenvironmental site investigation of a former petrol station and garage.
  • A hydrogeological risk assessment of Girton PFA landfill.
  • Site investigation and remediation of the Old Port gasworks site in Chester.