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Theme: Climate and Life


The Climate and Life theme focuses on the Earth's surface – including in and under its oceans – where life has evolved and profoundly affected environments over billions of years.

Although the theme is divided into two research groups, there is strong synergy between them and several researchers contribute to both areas:


  • Palaeoclimate and Climate Systems Research Group

    • Current research projects in the Palaeoclimate and Climate Systems group (PACS) span a wide range of timescales, from the causes and consequences of rapid climate change since the last ice age to the long-term global cooling since the age of the dinosaurs.

  •  Palaeobiology Research Group

    • An established centre of palaeobotany expertise, the Palaeobiology group has continued to set benchmarks for studies on the origin and early evolution of land plants, pollen and spores and calcareous algae and bacteria.