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BSc Programmes


"Only by understanding how the Earth works as a system can we reveal the past and predict the future. From the oceans to gold mines, climate change to mountains, Cardiff has the breadth of degrees to allow you to follow your passions in a city of learning.

Cardiff offers a broad range of degree programmes which between them cover all aspects of Earth Sciences. Your enthusiasm for the subject will be fine tuned by world class researchers who want to share knowledge with a new generation of scientists.

Nearly everything you see around you is governed by geology and how the Earth works. Come to Cardiff to experience a broad based perspective on how the planet has evolved so far, and what the future might hold for both it and mankind." Dr. Simon Wakefield, Director of Teaching. 

We offer five Earth and Ocean Science degrees. For information on any of them choose on of the links below:

Environmental Geoscience (BSc)

Earth & Environmental Science (BSc)

Exploration and Resource Geology (BSc)

Geology (BSc)

Marine Geography (BSc)