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Academic Staff

Professor Paul Pearson


  • Head of Climate and Biosphere Research Theme
  • Head of Palaeoclimate and Climate Systems Research Group


  • BA (Oxford) 1987
  • PhD (Cambridge) "Evolution and phylogeny of Palaeogene planktonic foraminifera" 1990 

Current PhD students:

  • Amina Karega
  • Tracy Aze
  • Heather Birch
  • Laura Cotton

Recent PhD students (completed):

  • Catherine Burgess: Palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironment of the middle Eocene southern Pacific: insights from New Zealand (June 2008)
  • Duncan Stewart (Bristol): ‘Evolution of Neogene globorotaliid foraminifera and Miocene climate change’
  • Kate Harcourt-Brown (Bristol): ‘Phylogenetic Tree Shape’
  • Helen Coxall (Bristol): ‘Hantkeninid planktonic foraminifera’
  • Stewart Knott (Bristol): ‘Plankton extinctions’
  • Yunyan Ni (Bristol): ‘Boron isotope investigation of Quaternary climate cycles’
  • Phil Sexton (Southampton)