Postgraduate research

Our postgraduate degrees are based on independent full-time research work, with an academic supervisor to guide you in discovering new and exciting areas.

Underpinned by substantial external funding, our vibrant research environment provides PhD and MPhil students with opportunities to work with world experts and use high-quality research equipment.

Each year we recruit approximately 15 students for PhD degrees, who benefit from participating in teaching exercises, School activities and essential skills-training experiences.

PhD studentships

We have two types of PhD studentship:

Descriptions of both DTP and non DTP PhD projects are advertised on the postgraduate research web pages when available. The DTP project titles are divided according to research group: Solid, Living and Changing Earth and Ocean Science.

Research areas

From deep within the Earth, through the crust, into the oceans and onto the land, the international quality of our research output is highlighted by our ranking of 4th in the UK within our discipline (REF 2014).

Our researchers are broadly divided into three research groups:

  • Solid: Earth and Ocean Science investigates magmatic and hydrothermal processes, subsurface and mantle geodynamics, and the development and sedimentology of sedimentary basins.
  • Living: Earth and Ocean Science considers the processes on the Earth's surface, including in and under its oceans, where life has evolved and profoundly affected environments over billions of years.
  • Changing: Earth and Ocean Science considers the causes and consequences of changes in the Earth system, in the ocean, atmosphere and on land, from the geological past into the present and future.


Postgraduate Research enquiries should be made by email or by calling +44 (0)29 208 75772.

Andrew Kerr

Dr Andrew Kerr

Reader in Petrology & Director of Postgraduate Research

+44 (0)29 2087 4578