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Tissue Engineering & Reparative Dentistry


Head of Theme, Prof Alastair J Sloan

Understanding the cell and molecular processes underpinning tissue responses to trauma and subsequent regeneration and reparative processes is the focus of this research theme. 

The theme consists of 5 multi-disciplinary research groups leading research in matrix biology, regeneration of both mineralised and soft tissues, the role of stem cells in regenerative medicine and the effects of microbial infection and biofilm formation on tissue function and repair.  The strong translational aspect to the research is a key feature to support the continuous flow of knowledge between clinicians and basic scientists which leads to advances in oral healthcare and valuable application to wider areas of biomedicine including oncology, orthopaedics, cardiology, urology, gastroenterology, haematology, neurobiology and dermatology. 

Interdisciplinary research is a major part of the Theme’s strategy and researchers are actively involved in projects with colleagues in the Schools of Pharmacy, Optometry, Biosciences, Medicine and Engineering. Several principal investigators within the Theme are also members of the recent ARUK Biomechanics and Bioengineering Centre and Cardiff Institute for Tissue Engineering and Repair (CITER) as well collaborating with colleagues in other UK institutions and Universities within Europe, USA, Canada, China and Japan.  

Research within the Theme is supported by funding from across the entire sphere of research funders including significant grant support from the MRC, EPSRC, European Research Council, NC3Rs, Royal Society, Tenovus, Arthritis UK and industrial and commercial sponsors. 

Current research projects within the Theme include:

  • Harnessing the regenerative potential of dental pulp stem cells for dental and craniofacial tissue engineering (Sloan, MRC)
  • Probing the mechanical control of stem cell fate through the development of novel, non-invasive imaging technologies (Stephens, EPSRC)
  • Tissue regeneration of spinal cord injury (Song, ERC)
  • Novel Biomarkers for Arthritis (Aeschlimann, ARUK)
  • Development of a new sensor for urinary tract bioflims in catheters (Williams with Principality Medical, I2I)
  • TROP2, a stem cell marker with oncogenic potential in prostate cancer (Knaüper, Tenovus)
  • Novel oligosaccharide oligomers to overcome antimicrobial drug resistance. (Hill and Thomas with Algipharma AS)


Tissue Engineering & Reparative Dentistry

Phone:+44 (0)29 2074 2442