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Matrix Biology & Tissue Repair

Key findings, achievements and areas of work

  • Discovery of novel transglutaminases (TG6&TG7) and identification of the role of TGs in regulation of ECM remodelling and inflammation led to development of assays for clinical diagnosis of gluten-induced autoimmune disease. (£134K ARC; £90K Action Medical Research) (US patent 7,052,890)
  • Identification of proinflammatory (IL18) and immuno-suppressive (IL35) cytokines central to inflammatory disease; development of novel inhibitors blocking IL18, ADAM-TS4&5 to prevent ECM breakdown (£690K Smith&Nephew, £168K ARC) led to clinical trial of humanized anti-IL18 antibody in RA
  • Characterisation of novel regulatory mechanisms of angiogenesis (RECK, decorin); development of smart materials controlling angiogenesis in impaired remodelling (US patent 6,630,457 & 7,196,180)
  • Identification of a membrane protein TMEFF2 that acts as a growth factor (BBSRC PhD)
  • £1.3M EUFP5 award investigating tendon disease identified the loss of a multi-potent cell population with ageing

Group Members