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 The "Silence Hurts" leaflet can be downloaded here 


These documents are referenced in V&SRG talks and publications and are mostly concerned with the implementation of the "Cardiff Model"

WHO: Violence Prevention Alliance, Building global commitment for violence prevention

WHO: Preventing violence and reducing its impact: How development agencies can help

VRG: The role of emergency departments in community violence prevention (Commissioned by the Department of Health in 2004 and circulated by the British Association for Accident and Emergency Medicine in 2005 to all UK emergency medicine consultants).

Patient Management System. Emergency Unit Module Assault Questionnaire

VRG: Computer Screen

VRG: effective NHS contributions to violence prevention, the Cardiff Model

Tackling alcohol related violence in city centres: effect of emergency medicine and police intervention (A L Warburton, J P Shepherd, 2006)

CSP: Violent Crime