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Epidemiology and Applied Clinical Research

Key findings, achievements and areas of work (details on funding are shown in brackets)

  • The group jointly undertook the 2003 UK Child Dental Health Survey (£74K Office for National Statistics). This is an important contribution to the epidemiology of dental disease of UK children. This decennial survey, the fourth in the series, is a benchmark for those planning and implementing dental services for children in the next decade
  • A randomized controlled trial (RCT) of the effectiveness of glass ionomer sealants (£74K NHS R&D) showed that this is ineffective as a caries prevention measure in pre-school children
  • The development of response latency techniques to determine attitudes to, and perceptions of, dental fluorosis (£48K BDMF) suggesting that the psychological impact of dental fluorosis may have been over-estimated
  • Investigation of the benefits of orthodontic treatment (with the Universities of Manchester and Bristol) in the 20-year cohort study of 1,018, 11-year old children self-selecting orthodontic treatment; found orthodontic care had little positive impact on psychological health and quality of life in adulthood. (£254K NHSR&D; BOS Chapman Prize 2006)
  • Proportion of time devoted to low medium and high tech treatment in the GDS.

    Proportion of time devoted to low medium and high tech treatment in the GDS.

    Surface scans in combination with cone-beam computerized tomography (CT) facilitated three-dimensional orthognathic diagnosis, leading to realistic surgical planning and comparative growth studies using a common reference framework (£180K NHS; Houston Research Prize, 2006)
  • Capturing 3-dimensional facial movement has enabled computerised biomechanical facial muscle model simulations (with the Schools of Engineering and Computing (£42K EPSRC))
  • Development of novel inter-disciplinary approaches to model bone resorption following dental extractions (£52K GSK) and to manage recurrent orofacial herpes (£176K GSK)

Group Members