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Human Tissue Act - Research

Further information and advice can be obtained on the Corporate Compliance pages.

The University has developed a series of standard operating procedures to cover Obtaining Consent, Storage, Transportation and Disposal of human tissue. 





In order to comply with the Act all establishments that have any dealings with human material have to be licensed, with a Designated Individual (DI) identified who takes ultimate responsibility for compliance with the Act.

The Person Designated (PD) by the DI under the Human Tissue Act acts in a supplementary role to the DI, although the DI remains responsible for supervising the activities to be authorised by the University's Human Tissue Act Licence. The PD acts at a local level to support the DI in advising other persons to whom the licence applies about the procedures and systems agreed by the DI that ensure compliance with the Human Tissue Act and the terms of the University's Licence.

The PDs for the School of Dentistry are:

            Dr Phil Stephens (Research)

            Prof Barbara Chadwick (Clinical)

            Dr Alan Gilmour (Teaching)