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Enrolment 2013

Cardiff School of Dentistry - Enrolment 2013/14

All students (both new and returning) at Cardiff University must enrol (register and pay fees) on-line. 
You will be contacted by e-mail (or letter where necessary), approximately three weeks prior to the start of your programme, advising you that the online task is available for you to complete. 
The task can be accessed via SIMS online at

You are required to complete Central enrolment on-line by following the instructions on the University’s webpages at:

Please ensure that this is completed IN ADVANCE
This is extremely important because it ensures that your access to teaching and learning facilities (e.g. Learning Central) will be in place before the start of any teaching or induction activities. 
Delays in completing Central enrolment may jeopardise this, and could have a knock-on effect on your examination registrations.

For further information on School Induction for both undergraduate and postgraduate students please refer to information below: 

School of Dentistry Induction Programmes

Diploma in Dental Hygiene and BSc in Dental Therapy and Dental Hygiene

Monday 2nd September Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 for Diploma in Dental Hygiene and BSc in Dental Hygiene and Therapy Students

A letter providing further information on when and where to report will be sent out after receipt of all examination results.


BDS Year 1 Students

All students enrol with School of Biosciences on Tuesday 24th September 2013. Please click on the link below for further information on School of Biosciences enrolment:

Year 1 BDS Students - School of Biosciences Enrolment 2013/14
BDS Enrolment Summary Year 1 2013-2014

Year 1 BDS Students first visit to Cardiff School of Dentistry, Heath Park, will be on Friday 4 October 2013. Please click on the link below for further information on School of Dentistry Induction:

Year 1 BDS Students - School of Dentistry Induction 2013


Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate Induction Session - 26 September 2013

MSc Tissue Engineering, MSc Implantology and Masters of Clinical Dentistry

 Induction Programme - PGT to follow


MScD Orthodontics

Induction Programme - MScD Orthodontics to follow