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Dr David Williams 

Recent Grants

  • Biofilm formation by non C.albicans candida species.  FCT Fundacao para a Cliencia e a Technologia.  £19,000
  • Effects of anti-candidal cleansers on Candida grown on denture acrylic.  £20,000
  • Listerine dental school programme-digital resources.  IDEAS.  £6500
  • A novel pH sensor for use with catheters.  CPF.  £50,585
  • Assessment of the antimicrobial activity of electric toothbrushes.  £10,000
  • Improving chronic wound management with intelligent dressings. EPSRC.  £451,000
  • Virulence and antifungal susceptibility of UK and Japanese Candida isolates.  Royal Society.  £2500
  • Development and assessment of novel integrated antimicrobial therapy to manage urinary catheter infection. Welsh Assembly Government. £140,473

Selected Projects

  • Improving chronic wound management with intelligent dressings
  • Virulence aspects of clinical Candida species adhered to indwelling devices and human epithelium.
  • Candida and host interactions associated with colonisation and infection.
  • Role of oral microflora in the development of endotracheal tube biofilms and ventilator-associated pneumonia.