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Dr Shelagh Thompson 


My research interests include both Special Care Dentistry and pain and anxiety control. Interprofessional working has led to a number of research papers being published; one on with Cardiology on ‘Cardiac risk factors for dental knowledge among dental practitioners in Wales’, another was a multi-centre audit with Senior Community Dental Practitioners in Canterbury and Dorset on ‘Retrospective audit of the efficacy and safety of the combined intranasal/intravenous midazolam sedation technique for the dental treatment of adults with learning disability’. Additional interests include educational research and methodology and examining attitudes and confidence of GPTs in conscious sedation. I have expressed an interest for joining in a two centre study with Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust on anxiety among patients seeking sedation for dental care with C Boyle, T Newton and P Milgrom.  

Undergraduate Projects

I supervise two final year undergraduate projects a year; one project on ‘Teaching of conscious sedation in UK and Irish Dental Schools’ was presented at a Dental Sedation Teachers Group Study Day in London, another led to publication of a paper in the Journal of Disability and Oral Health on ‘A Survey of the Quality and Quantity of Special Care Dentistry Teaching, including Gerodontology, in Dental Schools of the United Kingdom and Ireland’.

Recent projects include ‘A survey of provision of conscious sedation and use of the Welsh language in anxious patients in South West Wales’, ‘Review of use of orofacial motor regulation therapy’ and ‘Provision of oral health care of the homeless in Wales’.

Postgraduate projects

MSc Student Supervision

Michael Allen: An equivalence study of the use of nitrous oxide and oxygen compared to low dose sevoflurane and oxygen as inhalation sedation agents. Confirmed pass 2009

MSc and Diploma in Conscious Sedation

This programme commenced in 2008 and should provide a mechanism to progress research within the Sedation Suite in the field of pain and anxiety control and within elements of Special Care Dentistry. Those postgraduate students registered for the MSc in Conscious Sedation will undertake a research dissertation as part fulfilment for the MSc qualification. The modules of the MSc programme include psychological and cognitive behavioural therapy including hypnosis and acupuncture, sedation for children, special care patients and use of alternative sedation techniques. The postgraduate students will be encouraged to prepare their research papers for submission to referred journals and to present at research meetings.

There will be potential for further multi-centred projects to be organised once the programme has been completed.

Interdisciplinary research interests and potential projects

1. Improvement of quality of life for patients with neurological  disability

Implants for patients with Huntington’s disease with Professor Rosser (Genetic Centre, Cardiff University), Dr A Gilmour, Mr L Addy and Mr D Knibb (CDS). This will include a needs assessment and will examine the feasibility of providing mini-implant retained dentures to improve quality of life and possibly aid nutritional status in this group of patients. There will be an educational component for patients and staff in Genetic Centres in the UK using a multi-centre network developed by the Genetic Centre.

2. Survey of Dental Schools in UK and Ireland into teaching methodology for local anaesthetic techniques with Dr A Gilmour, Mr C Lynch and Mrs S Oliver.

External Examiner for research theses

I have examined a number of research theses for the Universities of Newcastle and Liverpool and Cardiff University on various topics; Special Care Dentistry, Conscious Sedation and Endodontics